Opinion: Why it would be good for Nintendo Switch to have Fortnite!

  09 Jun 2018

There has been multiple rumours that arguably the number #1 game on the market right now is coming to Nintendo Switch and soon!

As these leaks (Update found on eShop servers, marketing materials) happened, I personally have seen a lot of backlash from the community, mainly staunch Nintendo fans on Twitter stating that Fortnite should never be on Switch because …. reasons! Here is a sample;

These unfortunately were the light-hearted posts I could find and be able to display to you here but believe me when I say, WOW!


Xbox version shown

Why I think it’s a good thing:

Fortnite is undoubtedly the hottest game around right now and for a third party game to be that hot usually means Nintendo misses out on it in previous console generations, this time it seems we are getting it and that can only mean great things for the Nintendo Switch as a viable console going forward.

The fan-base of the Switch is already quite large but it still has trouble with some of that “core” market who play competitively online, streamers too have always been an issue with Switch since the games popular to stream (Fortnite, Overwatch and Paladins) have never been on a Nintendo system before. That all is about to change if the rumour is true (99.9% at this point) and Paladins is launching June 12th (For people willing to buy the founders pack at least) so the switch exposure is about to explode to a whole or semi-new market.

I honestly cannot understand the backlash that I’ve seen and think that Fortnite, love it or hate it, definitely has a well deserved spot on Switch even if I personally might not play it.


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