Marvelous Europe announces plans to publish GalMetal

  08 Jun 2018

Marvelous Europe has announced that the heavy metal drumming rhythm game, GalMetal, will be coming to Europe (and likely Australia as well). The release date is currently unconfirmed, however it is intended to release some time within Autumn of this year – both physically and digitally.

The story of GalMetal is a baffling and bizarre tale. Japan starts beaming heavy metal music into space and it causes aliens to headbang themselves to death. In order to discuss their revenge terms, the aliens take control of a boy and a girl from the Tokyo suburb of Kichijoji, but accidentally cause them to fuse together. Upset at this development, the boy and girl in this fused form decide to work together with a metal band named the Kichijoji Metal Girls to drive off the aliens with the power of metal.

Marvelous has also detailed many of the key features found in GalMetal. There are over a dozen drum beats to learn, and utilizing all of them is the key to gaining a big score. The story is told in manga panels and text messages, with artwork by Toshinao Aoki, who has designed many famous Pokémon Trading Cards.