E3 News: Ubisoft announced Just Dance 2019 for all Nintendo Home Platforms!

  12 Jun 2018

Ubisoft opened their E3 with a snappy dance number with a dancing panda, yeah not joking but that’s expected from Just Dance!

What else is there to say about Just Dance, it happens every year and it’s a top seller on all platforms and I guess that’s why in a strange turn of fate, Ubisoft announced as well as the Switch, Just Dance 2019 will launch on Nintendo WiiU and if that wasn’t strange enough it will also launch on the Nintendo Wii, yup the Wii a 2006 home console from Nintendo, Just Dance 2018 also launched on those platforms but I mean, I guess it still sells to a somewhat large enough audience.

Just Dance 2019 is available October 23rd on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo WiiU.