E3 News: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been announced for Switch!

  13 Jun 2018

The time is finally here, Nintendo has announced Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch.

Smash Bros, what can we say, it’s one of, if not, the biggest fighting franchises in the world and now Nintendo is bringing the goods to Nintendo Switch.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate features every single last character that has ever appeared in a Smash bros. game before in the past, yup, even Solid Snake.

It was a surprise to everyone when it was announced that they are bringing back favourites such as Ice Climbers and Solid Snake, even Cloud returns, Everybody’s Here was the tag line and sure enough every single last one is playable, this makes the roster over 60+ characters large, that’s kinda of insane.

Oh.. they weren’t done though as we got one last trailer, Ridley is finally making it big into Smash!

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2: