E3 News: Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu gameplay and info from Nintendo Treehouse

  13 Jun 2018

Nintendo’s E3 showcase is all wrapped up but the fun’s not over and now it’s time to dive into Pokémon: Let’s Go Piakchu gameplay!

Game Freak was on hand to demo some live gameplay from the titles and boy does it look good, there are a few changes to note so I’ll do this in point form!

  • Spiritual Remake of Pokémon Yellow Version
  • No Wild battles with Pokémon (only catching)
  • Catching causes EXP gain
  • Trainer battles are tradition turn-based style
  • Trainer battles reward you with berries and Pokéballs as well as the usual money
  • Any Pokémon can  follow you
  • You can ride Pokémon that are big enough such as Onyx
  • You carry your PC in your backpack, no more using a PC at a PokéCenter
  • Catching works like in Pokémon Go! Use the Joy-con in a throwing motion towards the TV
  • Handheld mode can be played with Gyro and Buttons
  • The Pokéball Plus Controller can be used to play the whole game