E3 News: Fox McCloud and his Arwing are coming to Switch!

  12 Jun 2018

Ubisoft news again and this one is exciting, Fox McCloud and the Starfox crew are coming to Nintendo Switch as part of add-on content for Starlink: Battle for Atlus.

Yet another partnering from Ubisoft + Nintendo on the Switch just like Mario+Rabbids:Kingdom Battles they are taking a beloved character and universe and joining it with a new idea. Starlink: Battle for Atlus is a space battling and exploration adventure where one of the main things you can do is customise your ship and pilot, you can also use new Starlink toy sets to interact with the game, think Amiibo or Disney Infinity.

One point to make is that Ubisoft did announce that the toys are not required to play the game as all content is available digitally also. You will be able to purchase Fox McCloud in the launch pack edition of Starlink: Battle for Atlus on October 16 for Nintendo Switch.