E3 News: Epic Games brings Fortnite Battle Royal to Switch for free right now!

  13 Jun 2018

Arguably the biggest game of the year, or even the last few years, Fortnite is headed to the Nintendo Switch.

It’s been maybe the worst kept secret in gaming history (exaggeration) that Epic Games were going to bring Fortnite to Switch, we just didn’t know how, when and in what format.

Fortnite has 2 modes, one is a single player or co-op experience where you fight wave after wave of NPC controlled enemies as you build and battle your way through them, the other is a 100 player Battle Royal mode where you and 99 other actual online players battle and build your way to the centre of the map either alone or in a group of 2 to 4 friends to claim the victory #1 spot.

It is this mode that was made FREE on other platforms a while back and it’s this mode that is responsible for the popularity of the game itself, the point I’m making here is that FREE Battle Royal mode is the only mode coming to Switch, right now, for…well, free.

The game also supports handheld mode, naturally, it even supports built-in voice chat via the mic-jack on the Nintendo Switch console.


  • Release Date – Right Now (eShop)
  • Price – Free
  • Players – 1-4 (Online)
  • Voice Chat – Built In (Mic jack)